How much is Beyonce's necklace worth? (2023)

One of her most iconic and expensive pieces is the diamond-encrusted necklace that she wore during her 2018 Coachella performance. The necklace was made by Lorraine Schwartz, a renowned jewelry designer from New York, and features 400 carats of diamonds set in white gold.

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Amazing Shaving Experience Tips

According to reports, the necklace is valued at around $6.8 million, making it one of the most expensive pieces of jewelry ever worn by a celebrity. However, it’s worth noting that this is just an estimate and the actual value of the necklace may vary depending on the market rate for diamonds and other variables that affect the value of jewelry.

Beyoncé has also been spotted wearing other expensive necklaces in the past, including a gold and diamond choker by jeweler Dolly Cohen, worth around $13,000, and a diamond necklace by designer Messika Paris, which is estimated to be worth over $900,000.

Beyoncé’S jewelry collection is undoubtedly worth a fortune, and her taste in high-end pieces has made her a fashion icon in the entertainment industry. Although we may never know the exact value of her jewelry, it’s safe to say that they are some of the most valuable and stunning pieces ever worn by a celebrity.

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Who wore 128.54 carat Tiffany Diamond?

The legendary Tiffany Diamond, weighing a stunning 128.54 carats, has been one of the world’s most iconic diamonds for over a century. This magnificent diamond has been worn by only a few women throughout history, marking their significance and elegance through the years.

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The actress Audrey Hepburn was the first and most notable person to wear the Tiffany Diamond. She wore the diamond in 1961 while promoting her film ‘Breakfast at Tiffany’s,’ making her the only woman who has worn the diamond in public. It was a remarkable moment in the history of the diamond as the legendary Audrey Hepburn added another feather to the status of the Tiffany Diamond.

Before being worn by Audrey Hepburn, the diamond was owned by Evelyn Walsh McLean, a socialite and heiress of a mining conglomerate. In 1940, McLean purchased the diamond from Tiffany & Co. and wore it frequently, including at a White House dinner with President Herbert Hoover.

The Tiffany Diamond has also been worn by other prominent figures such as Lady Gaga, who wore the diamond at the 2019 Oscars. It is noteworthy that Lady Gaga was the first person to wear the diamond after 60 years of the diamond’s last public appearance.

Only a few women have had the privilege of wearing the Tiffany Diamond, marking a momentous occasion in their lives. Audrey Hepburn, Evelyn Walsh McLean and Lady Gaga are among the few women who have worn this iconic diamond, preserving its rich legacy and significance in history.

How much is Tiffany 128 carat yellow diamond?

The Tiffany 128 carat yellow diamond is one of the most sought after and prestigious diamonds in the world. Its value is determined by a number of factors, including its carat weight, color, clarity, and cut. However, the exact price of this particular diamond is not publicly available since it was sold to an undisclosed buyer.

In general, yellow diamonds are considered to be more rare and valuable than traditional colorless diamonds due to their unique color saturation and rarity in the market. This is particularly true for large yellow diamonds like the Tiffany 128 carat yellow diamond which is considered to be one of the largest yellow diamonds in the world.

To give some perspective, a smaller 5 carat fancy yellow diamond could cost upwards of $25,000 per carat, while a larger 100 carat yellow diamond was sold for a staggering $16 million. It’s safe to assume that the Tiffany 128 carat yellow diamond would be worth several millions of dollars due to its size, beauty, and rarity.

The exact price of the Tiffany 128 carat yellow diamond remains a mystery, however, it can be confidently said that it is one of the most expensive and valuable diamonds in the world due to its unique characteristics and rarity in the market.

Who owns the Tiffany diamond necklace?

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The Tiffany diamond necklace is considered one of the most priceless and iconic jewelry pieces in the world. The necklace features a stunning yellow diamond that weighs a whopping 128.54 carats, and it is considered the largest flawless yellow diamond that has ever been discovered.

While various celebrities and prominent figures have been seen wearing the necklace over the years, the actual owner of the Tiffany diamond necklace is Tiffany & Co, the famous luxury jewelry brand that was established in 1837.

The Tiffany diamond was discovered in 1877 in the Kimberley diamond mines in South Africa. At that time, it weighed a stunning 287 carats and was considered one of the largest rough diamonds found until then. The diamond was purchased by Charles Lewis Tiffany, the founder of Tiffany & Co. The diamond was cut and eventually transformed into a necklace design in 1919.

Over the years, the necklace has been worn by various famous figures at different events. In 1957, Audrey Hepburn famously wore the necklace for a promotional shoot for the movie ‘Breakfast at Tiffany’s’. More recently, Lady Gaga stunned everyone when she wore the famous necklace to the Oscars in 2019.

Tiffany & Co has displayed the necklace at various exhibitions and events, and it is considered a treasured and valuable asset in their collection. The value of the Tiffany diamond necklace is nothing less than a mystery, and it is considered one of the most expensive pieces of jewelry in the market.

To sum it up, the Tiffany diamond necklace is owned by Tiffany & Co, and it is a prized possession that has been admired and cherished by people around the world for more than a century.

How much is Kim Kardashian necklace?

Kim Kardashian, known for her extravagant and luxurious lifestyle, often adorns herself with high-end jewelry pieces that are designed by some of the world’s most famous jewelers. In the past, she has been seen wearing necklaces from renowned brands such as Cartier, Harry Winston, Tiffany & Co., and Bulgari, all of which are known for their exquisite designs and expensive price points.

It is not uncommon for celebrities and high-net-worth individuals to invest in expensive jewelry pieces as a statement of their status and wealth. However, it is also important to note that the cost of a piece of jewelry depends on a variety of factors, such as the size and quality of the diamonds or gemstones used, as well as the material of the necklace.

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Therefore, the actual price of Kim Kardashian’s necklace may vary depending on the specific details of the piece.

What necklace is worth 150 million?

In fact, there have been several necklaces that have sold for $150 million or more at auctions or through private sales. These one-of-a-kind necklaces are often created by the most renowned jewelry designers in the world using the finest quality jewels, such as diamonds, sapphires, emeralds, and rubies.

Additionally, the rarity, size, and color of the gems also add up to the value of the necklace. Some of the most expensive necklaces ever sold include the Pink Star Diamond necklace, the Oppenheimer Blue Diamond necklace, and the Graff Pink Diamond necklace. These necklaces are considered to be the pinnacle of luxury and are often acquired by the wealthy elite as a status symbol or a rare investment opportunity.

Therefore, without any specific details, it is possible that the necklace in question is one of the most precious, rare, and expensive necklaces in the world, which is worth approximately 150 million dollars or more.

What is the top 1 most expensive jewelry?

The top 1 most expensive jewelry is the Graff Pink, also known as the Pink Star diamond. This magnificent diamond weighs 59.60 carats and is rated as a rare Type IIa, meaning it is one of the purest diamonds in the world with exceptional transparency and a stunning pink hue.

The Pink Star diamond was discovered in South Africa in 1999 and was purchased by diamond dealer Isaac Wolf in 2013 for a staggering $83 million. However, the sale was later cancelled due to payment issues.

In 2017, the Pink Star diamond was sold at auction to Chow Tai Fook, a jewelry retailer in Hong Kong, for a record-breaking $71.2 million. The diamond was renamed as the CTF Pink Star in honor of the buyer.

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The CTF Pink Star is mounted on a ring and is considered one of the most valuable items of jewelry in the world. Its unique color and exceptional clarity make it a true work of art and a treasure for generations to come. Owning such a piece of jewelry is a symbol of wealth and power, and it has undoubtedly become a coveted possession for many collectors and enthusiasts of the luxury jewelry industry.


What is the most expensive necklace in the world Beyoncé? ›

Beyoncé's Tiffany & Co. Historic 1939 World's Fair necklace (US$30 million) – Oscars after-party 2022. Hosting the Oscars after-party last year with husband Jay-Z, Beyoncé flaunted the new version of the historic 1939 World's Fair necklace, People reported. The original piece by Tiffany & Co.

How much is Beyoncé necklace worth? ›

Beyoncé wore Tiffany's iconic The Historic 1939 World's Fair Necklace, worth $30 million, to the Oscars afterparty.

How much is Beyoncé diamond worth? ›

Beyoncé It should come as no surprise that Queen Bey herself totes one of the world's highest-valued diamonds. Weighing in at 24 carats, Jay reportedly paid around $5 million (now worth $6.89 million) for Bey's flashy emerald-cut ring back in 2008.

How much is Beyoncé's yellow diamond necklace Tiffany? ›

The same Tiffany Diamond necklace style is what's seen on Beyoncé in her new Tiffany & Co. campaign. In 2019, the estimated value of the Tiffany Diamond was $30 million.

How much is the yellow Tiffany diamond worth? ›

The Tiffany yellow diamond is worth $30 million. When Charles Lewis Tiffany purchased the 287.42-carat diamond in 1877, he paid only $18,000 for it.

How much is the 128 carat Tiffany Diamond worth? ›

In the pictures, Beyonce can be seen flaunting the historic 128-carat Tiffany diamond. According to WWD, the diamond holds an approximate value of $130 million as of 2019. The Grammy Award winner has become the first African American woman and the fourth ever woman to wear the diamond in the past century.

How much is Cardi B necklace? ›

Cardi B defends buying daughter a $150,000 diamond necklace for third birthday. Video Player is loading. This is a modal window. Beginning of dialog window.

How much is Kim Kardashian necklace? ›

Kim Kardashian is once again making another icon's fashion statements her own. This time, Kardashian has bought a diamond cross necklace worn by Princess Diana. The American reality TV star purchased the necklace at auction for $197,453, Sotheby's London confirmed in a statement.

How much is Justin Bieber's necklace worth? ›

The diamond chain was gifted to Bieber by his generous wife and could have cost over $200,000.

How much did Drake pay for his necklace? ›

Drake appears to be the new owner of a $2.2 million diamond chain once owned by Pharrell judging by his latest music video.

How much is Beyoncé butterfly ring worth? ›

According to Dazed, the object is valued at around $95,000, although taking into account the illustrious provenance lent by the “Put a Ring on It” singer, it would probably sell for quite a bit more. Papillon ring designed by G (Glenn Spiro) Photo: Courtesy of the Victoria and Albert Museum, London.

How much is Cardi B wedding ring? ›

The setting is either a platinum or white gold setting, and is said to cost near $500,000. The three stones in Cardi B's ring represent the past, present, and future.

How much is Jennifer Lopez ring worth? ›

JLo's new engagement ring has an estimated value of $5 million. Other publications assured the cost could reach $10 million.

Who owns the rarest diamond? ›

The most expensive diamond in the world is owned by the British Royal Crown. The Kohinoor gem currently resides at the HM Tower of London where it is displayed as the central diamond of the Queen Mother's Crown.

How much is Beyoncé's wedding ring? ›

Designed by Lorraine Schwartz, Beyonce has a mahoosive 24-carat emerald-cut diamond engagement ring with a split shank setting. Jay Z clearly had to fork out for this sparkler, with the ring estimated to have cost around $5 million.

How much was Lady Gaga Tiffany necklace? ›

Was it the most expensive jewel ever worn to the Academy Awards? At a reported $30 million, it's likely that Lady Gaga's Tiffany diamond necklace earns that title. (The previous record had been held by Gloria Stuart's $20 million Harry Winston blue diamond inspired by Titanic's Heart of the Ocean.)

Why did Beyoncé wear the Tiffany Diamond? ›

The Grammy-winning performer wears the stunning piece of jewelry, which features one of the world's largest yellow diamonds, as she and her rapper husband Jay-Z become the faces of Tiffany & Co's new "About Love" campaign.

How much is a 1 carat yellow diamond worth? ›

What is the price of a 1 carat yellow diamond? The price of a 1 carat yellow diamond can range from $2,000 to $16,000+, depending on how it's graded, and the intensity of its color. Intense yellow diamonds, such as canary diamonds, are the most expensive and usually cost at least $10,000 for a 1 carat diamond.

Who wore Tiffany's priceless diamond? ›

It was worn by Mary Whitehouse at the 1957 Tiffany Ball held in Newport, Rhode Island, mounted for the occasion in a necklace of white diamonds. It was subsequently worn by Audrey Hepburn in 1961 publicity photographs for Breakfast at Tiffany's. In 2019, Lady Gaga wore the diamond at the 91st Academy Awards.

What is the most expensive color diamond? ›

Red Diamonds

Still, their rarity and their intense, crimson color make them the most expensive per carat of all the colored diamonds, and on average will cost over $1 million per carat. The largest red diamond ever sold, weighing 5.11 carats, was bought for $8 million, at $1.6 million per carat.

How much was JLO pink diamond? ›

In November 2002, Affleck proposed to the star with a 6.1-carat pink diamond from Harry Winston, estimated to cost $2.5 million. Though Lopez gave the ring back when they ended the engagement in 2004, she recalled how much she "loved getting it" in a 2020 interview with Apple Music host Zane Lowe.

What's the world's most expensive diamond? ›

The most valuable diamond in the world is Koh-i-Noor, also spelled Koh-i-Nur and Kohinoor. The diamond is also called the Mountain of Light diamond, and it's known as one of the largest cut diamonds, weighing a whopping 105.6 carats. Koh-i-Noor is a colorless diamond and features an oval brilliant cut.

How much is Drake new jewelry? ›

Judge the Jewels: Drake's $12.5M Necklace Represents the 42 Times He 'Almost' Proposed. New piece titled “Previous Engagements” for all the times he thought about it but never did it. 42 engagement rings, 351.38 carats in diamonds. The sighting: Rapper Drake recently revealed a very sparkly new diamond necklace.

What was the expensive necklace Lady Gaga wore? ›

What jewelry is Lady Gaga wearing on the red carpet at the Oscars? The correct answer, as it has been since her historic yellow diamond moment in 2019, is Tiffany & Co. Tonight was no exception.

How much is Travis Scott necklace? ›

To celebrate the success of his 'Astroworld: Wish You Were Here' Tour, musician Travis Scott has just gifted himself with a new chain worth $450,000 USD.

How much did Kanye pay for Kim's ring? ›

On top of this, there's Kim's 20-carat engagement ring worth a staggering $3million, making it one of the most expensive celebrity engagement rings of all time. This isn't the only engagement ring Kim's had from Kanye, either, as over time she's had three stunning pieces.

How much is Princess Diana necklace? ›

The pendant, which weighs 5.25 carats, was sold for US$197,453 (£160,000) – almost double the pre-auction estimate.

Who own the most expensive necklace? ›

The stunning $55 million necklace has since been sold, and now we know who bought it. The buyer, according to a report from Luxury Launches, was philanthropist Nita Ambani, the wife of billionaire businessman and Reliance Group heir Mukesh Ambani.

How much is Drake most expensive jewelry? ›

$260M Rich Drake's Handcrafted Diamond Necklace Worth $12.5M Took 14 Months To Make, Branded as Most Magnificent Piece of Jewelry Ever Worn by a Musician. The Grammy Award-winning rapper is best known for his music and jewelry, but he is now becoming famous for his failed relationships as well.

What necklace was Ariana Grande wearing? ›

Here's a closer look, giving you full view of the "now you see it, now you don't" situation going on on Ariana's neck. According to Pret-a-Reporter, the necklace is known as the "Cleveland choker," and with 445.54 carats of diamonds set in 100.20 grams of 18-karat white gold, it's valued at $169,000.

How much is Hailey Bieber's ring worth? ›

Justin Bieber spared no expense in his search for the perfect engagement ring for Hailey Baldwin. According to the professionals, the price of the ring is approximately $500,000 USD.

How much is Lil Wayne jewelry? ›

Along with the CITA double-sided ring, each ring in the rapper's collection reportedly costs upwards of $135,000. With impressive carat weights, Lil Wayne has a set of clustered band rings in white gold and yellow gold. The pair of rings also come with a round statement rock in the middle that catches the eye.

Who did Drake give a Rolex to? ›

Molly McCann has been gifted a gold Rolex watch by Drake, for helping the Canadian rapper win £1.2million.

How much is Rihanna ring worth? ›

How much does Rihanna's Super Bowl 2023 ring cost? Rihanna's Burmese ruby ring that she wore at the 2023 Super Bowl Halftime Show is worth $1 million.

What celeb has the most expensive ring? ›

Although Mariah Carey and James Packer parted ways since 2016, their engagement ring still tops the list as the most expensive celebrity engagement ring. The talk-of-the-town ring was a 35-carat emerald-cut diamond ring designed by the American jewellery designer Wilfredo Rosado.

How much is Tiffany Beyoncé Jay-Z? ›

The mansion where Beyoncé and Jay-Z shot their $30 million diamond campaign with Tiffany & Co.

How much is Nicki Minaj ring? ›

The jeweler who custom-designed the 17-carat ring (with Petty's direction) told TMZ that it's valued at $1.1 million. Minaj and Petty have known each other since high school and reconnected in December.

How much is Megan Fox ring? ›

Machine Gun Kelly recently proposed to Megan Fox with a ring from British jewelry designer Stephen Webster.

How much is Nicki Minaj jewelry worth? ›

She dazzled in nearly $2 million worth of jewelry — with half of that strung around her neck. Djula confirmed that the choker alone is worth $1 million. Minaj also wore two rings, which ring in at about $225,000, by the Paris-based company, along with more diamond rings by Harry Kotler, worth more than $500,000.

How much is Jay Z ring worth? ›

Jay Z chose an opulent — and supposedly heavy — 18-carat ring, paying almost $7 million (USD 5 million) back in 2008. These days, however, the flashy emerald-cut Lorraine Schwartz ring is worth more at around $8.4 million.

How much is Angelina Jolie ring? ›

Angelina Jolie's 16-carat engagement ring from Brad Pitt cost $500,000.

How much is Princess Diana's ring worth? ›

Q2. How much is Princess Diana's ring worth? At the time it was purchased, the cost of the ring was £47,000. Today, the estimated worth of the ring is believed to be £300,000, or nearly $400,000!

How much is Drake new diamond worth? ›

In total, the diamonds weigh 351.38 carats, meaning each stone is over 8 carats and the larger central stone at least 10 carats. Assuming “Drake” levels of quality in each diamond, the price tag for the necklace is easily $13 million.

Who has the biggest diamond ever? ›

The Cullinan Diamond is the largest gem-quality rough diamond ever found, weighing 3,106 carats (621.20 g), discovered at the Premier No.2 mine in Cullinan, South Africa, on 26 January 1905.
Cullinan Diamond.
The rough diamond
Weight3,106 carats (621.2 g)
OwnerCharles III in right of The Crown
6 more rows

Who owns largest diamond in the world? ›

In 1997, the diamond was presented to the King of Thailand after it took specialists a few years to cut and polish. Today, the largest finished diamond is owned by the Royal Family of Thailand.

How much is Katy Perry's ring? ›

Entertainment | Katy Perry's $5 million engagement ring near top of 20 priciest celebrity stones.

How much is Khloe Kardashian's ring? ›

Khloe Kardashian's engagement ring is an amazing piece of Hollywood jewelry. With a huge center stone and countless accent diamonds, it contains approximately 12.5 carats of diamonds altogether and is valued at about $850,000.

How much is Serena Williams ring worth? ›

Serena Williams' engagement ring is reportedly one of the most expensive celebrity engagement rings. The ring that she received from husband Alexis Ohanian is estimated at 12 carats and has a large emerald-cut diamond, with one small gem on each side. This ring is valued at around $2 million.

What celebrity has the most expensive jewelry collection? ›

  • Madonna's Harry Winston jewels (US$20 million) – Oscars 1991. ...
  • Gloria Stuart's Harry Winston Heart of the Ocean (US$20 million) – Oscars 1998. ...
  • 10 most expensive royal jewellery pieces, ranked.
  • Beyoncé's Tiffany & Co. ...
  • Lady Gaga's Tiffany & Co. ...
  • Carrie Underwood's Jonathan Arndt necklace (US$31 million) – Grammys 2013.
Mar 7, 2023

What's the most expensive jewelry? ›

THE HOPE DIAMOND – $250 million

The hoop Diamond is known for its beautiful blue color, having a 45.52-carat weight. This diamond was originally extracted in the 17th century from the Kollur mines of Guntur, India. The most costly and perhaps the most famous jewel in the world.

What is the most expensive piece of jewelry ever found? ›

The Hope Diamond — $250 million

The most expensive and perhaps the most famous jewel in the world is a 45.52 carat blue stone known as the Hope Diamond. Experts think its unusual blue coloring comes from impurities caused by trace amounts of boron atoms.

Is Tiffany owned by Beyonce? ›

Beyoncé and Jay-Z are the new faces of LVMH owned Tiffany and Co TIF 0.0% . Since it acquired the company, LVMH has updated its brand image to appeal to younger customer. It adopted the slogan “Not Your Mother's Tiffany” which was plastered all over New York City and Los Angeles.

How much is Beyonce's Tiffany ring worth? ›

Beyoncé wore Tiffany's iconic The Historic 1939 World's Fair Necklace, worth $30 million, to the Oscars afterparty.

How much is Beyonce diamond worth? ›

Beyoncé It should come as no surprise that Queen Bey herself totes one of the world's highest-valued diamonds. Weighing in at 24 carats, Jay reportedly paid around $5 million (now worth $6.89 million) for Bey's flashy emerald-cut ring back in 2008.

What is the most beautiful diamond in the world? ›


It is the second largest faceted D-Flawless diamond in the world; the 273.15 carat Centenary Diamond is the first. The Millennium Star is arguably the most beautiful diamond in the world, and one which experts have declared priceless.

Is Black diamond rare? ›

Although most black diamonds on the market today are either superheated or irradiated to an almost black color, natural black diamonds do exist, though they are extremely rare. Carbonados, sometimes called "black diamonds," are a distinct and unusual polycrystalline diamond material.

Who owns a red diamond? ›

Moussaieff Jewellers Ltd

Who owns the most valuable diamond? ›

The most expensive diamond in the world is owned by the British Royal Crown. The Kohinoor gem currently resides at the HM Tower of London where it is displayed as the central diamond of the Queen Mother's Crown.

What is the most expensive Tiffany item? ›

Tiffany & Co. Just unveiled its most-expensive piece of jewelry ever. “The World's Fair Necklace,” was revealed in Dubai on Sunday. It features 180 carats of diamonds set in platinum and the centerpiece is an 80-carat oval, flawless, d-color “Empire Diamond.”

Who was the last person to wear the Tiffany Diamond? ›

She has become only the third person in the world ever to wear it, the last being Audrey Hepburn. Clued-in fashion watchers will know that the inspiration for Gaga's custom Alexander McQueen gown and leather gloves indeed draws from Hepburn herself in a black Givenchy dress for the 1961 film Breakfast at Tiffany's.

How much is a 1 carat blue diamond worth? ›

CaratPrice per DiamondPrice per Carat
0.33$640 – $1,050$1,950 – $3,150
0.50$1,850 – $3,025$3,700 – $6,050
0.75$3,775 – $6,225$5,050 – $8,300
1.00$6,800 – $11,200$6,800 – $11,200
1 more row

What color diamond is the cheapest? ›

Relatively affordable colored diamonds – Grey, Brown and Fancy Yellow Diamonds. Mid-range pricing – Intense and Vivid Yellow Diamonds and Orange Diamonds. High price range – Pink, Purple, Violet, Green and Blue diamond.

What is the prettiest diamond color? ›

The best diamond color grade is D color. This means the diamond is completely clear with no shade of yellow (or anything else) in it. The best color for a diamond that you will put in your engagement ring is not D. You can put a G, H or I color diamond in a ring and it will look the same while costing a lot less.

Who gave JLo the most expensive ring? ›

Jennifer Lopez's 15-Carat Ring From Alex Rodriguez Cost $1 Million.

Who has the biggest pink diamond in the world? ›

The largest known pink diamond is the Daria-i-Noor, discovered in India, and weighs an estimated 182 carats. Pink diamonds are extremely rare and, according to BBC, the same physical attributes that make the stones scarce also make them very tough and not easy to work into shapes.

Who is the rarest diamond in the world? ›

Red diamonds are the rarest of the colored diamonds, with only 20-30 existing in the entire world. They get their beautiful red color from a rare process during their formation, which changes the crystal structure of the diamond and causes light to pass through it differently than colorless diamonds.

How much is a 105 carat diamond worth? ›

The Koh-i-Noor is one of the largest cut diamonds in the world coming in at just over 105 carats. It is said to be worth between $140 and $400 million, but is also hailed as priceless. It is also known as one of the world's most controversial diamonds too.

What is 1000x rarer than diamond? ›

Tanzanite. Geography aficionados may have already guessed that tanzanite was named after Tanzania, its country of origin. Legend has it this beautiful gem is about 1,000 times rarer than diamond.

Where is the cheapest diamond in the world? ›

Dubai is deemed as one of the cheapest places to buy diamonds and rightly so. There's a reason that it is regarded as one of the world's top three diamond trading centers—the other two being India and Belgium.

What is the most expensive necklace in the world? ›

Ten years ago, Lebanese jeweler Mouawad's L'Incomparable necklace earned a place in the Guinness Book of World Records as the “planet's most valuable necklace.” The extraordinary piece contains the largest flawless diamond in the world, a yellow stone weighing over 407 carats, which is attached to another 102 diamonds.

Has Beyoncé gone diamond? ›

For starters, unlike Adele, Taylor Swift or Usher, Beyoncé has no diamond-selling albums (not even her double-album I Am … Sasha Fierce, which would've had to sell only 5 million to earn that certification).

What is the most expensive queen necklace? ›

The most valuable royal piece is known as the Nizam of Hyderabad necklace. It was a wedding gift to the queen (then Princess Elizabeth) from the Nizam of Hyderabad in 1947, according to Regal Fille.

How much is Beyoncé's car worth? ›

JAY-Z and Beyoncé May Have Bought World's Most Expensive Car for $28 Million. A Rolls-Royce custom-built Boat Tail is now the world's most expensive car, with a rear deck that opens to reveal matching chairs, high-end double coolers, and a parasol.

How much does Beyoncé charge for private? ›

Beyoncé Reportedly Pocketed At Least $24 Million For Private 'Atlantis The Royal' Performance — Here's Where She Lands In The Top 10 Most Expensive Private Performances.

How much did Jay-Z and Beyoncé pay for their mansion? ›

The couple bought the US$88 million mansion on a US$52 million mortgage. The power couple bought the 0.8-hectare (two-acre) hillside estate in Bel-Air for US$88 million, but not without some help.

What is the rarest jewelry? ›

Painite : Not just the rarest gemstone, but also the rarest mineral on earth, Painite holds the Guinness World Record for it. After its discovery in the year 1951, there existed only 2 specimens of Painite for the next many decades.

How much did Drake's necklace cost? ›

Judge the Jewels: Drake's $12.5M Necklace Represents the 42 Times He 'Almost' Proposed. New piece titled “Previous Engagements” for all the times he thought about it but never did it. 42 engagement rings, 351.38 carats in diamonds.

Who has the richest jewelry in the world? ›

The largest jewelry company in the world is LVMH, with a revenue of $87.38 billion and 150,000+ employees. As of 2021, the global jewelry market has a market size of $249.02 billion.

Has Cardi B went diamond? ›

Cardi's latest Diamond plaque makes her the first female rapper ever to have three diamond single certifications (her others are for “Bodak Yellow” and her Maroon 5 collab “Girls Like You”). She also joins pop star Katy Perry as one of them only women to ever have that many Diamond plaques.

Does Cardi B have a diamond? ›

Cardi B is now the first female rapper to have a single certified diamond by the RIAA. Her breakout track “Bodak Yellow” has raked in at least 10 million equivalent units in the U.S. Cardi B has spent years at the top of the rap totem pole as she's garnered obsessive fans, magazine covers, and countless accolades.

How many diamonds does Cardi B have? ›

“I Like It” is officially certified as diamond.

Not too long ago, the artist was celebrating her second diamond-certified record for her Maroon 5 song “Girls Like You.” Now, Cardi B has received her third diamond plaque, becoming the first female rapper to earn this feat.

Who owns the most expensive jewelry in the world? ›

What's more, the top four most expensive pieces of royal jewellery in the world are all owned by the British Royal Family. The Nizam of Hyderabad Necklace owned by Kate Middleton comes in at the number one spot, costing £66.3 million.

Who has most of Diana's jewelry? ›

After Diana's tragic death at the age of 36 in a 1997 Paris car crash, her jewelry was inherited by her two sons, Prince William and Prince Harry. The glittering pieces collected by Diana throughout her married life held enormous sentimental value to both the princess and the princes.


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